I Am The Bouncer Of My Soul

I love Gala Darling – she may be made of actual magic. (I’m not convinced that isn’t the true nature of Dark Matter – picture that scientific announcement; ‘It’s FUCKING. MAGIC.’) In one of her wonderful pieces she points out that one way to have confidence is to realise that just because other people have opinions about you, doesn’t mean you have to take them on board, and for some reason that phrasing really stuck with me.

In my homeland there are a fair few pub boats, boat homes, boat restaurants, and boat nightclubs. Like regular nightclubs they have bouncers, and I’m having a lot of fun imagining that I’m the bouncer of my own thoughts. It feels powerful, to stand on the boat and decide who is allowed entry. Who’s too drunk. Whose ID is out of date. Who has a bad track record. Whose opinions do I trust to wander about my boat.

Of course now and then I find stowaways, but the beauty is I can still kick them off simply by tossing them into the water. Bouncer Self is not to be fucked with, and she’s quick on her feet.

Gratuitous picture of Kirk classing up the joint

Fucking. Magic.


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