8 Moments of Misogyny in The Pill Trailer

  1. A white man patronising a woman. That’s new.
  2. ‘You actually think that I would be here if I had a girlfriend?’ Ah, refusal to answer straightforward questions. Is there a surer way to get a human to trust you well enough to let you put a part of yourself inside them?
  3. Contraception is the woman’s responsibility. Obviously. Stop inconveniencing men with your icky girl stuff ladies! Take your lower salaries and pay for their dicks to do whatever they want without consequence. How else will they respect you?
  4. Some sexually active women are not on the Pill. There are a variety of reasons this may be the case. None of them are your goddamned business.
  5. Only women who are drunk or crazy have one night stands. One night stands never take place between two regular people who just want to have consenting fun with their adults bodies and aren’t looking for relationships.
  6. ‘Mindy is a little emotional.’ Um, for asking for a little decent behaviour from a fellow human during a stressful time rather than fratboy teasing? For slapping this supremely slappable asshat?
  7. ‘Fred has a big problem.’ You can tell his is a legitimate problem because his font is blue. Blue is for men, who only ever have real, tangible problems, like business mergers or crazy harpies who won’t do what they tell them to. Mindy’s font is pink which is for girls, who don’t have real problems. They have emotions. Stupid, groundless, inconvenient emotions.
  8. ‘You’re twisting everything and putting words into my mouth.’ I just saw you call her family snakes. Ain’t nobody put those words in your mouth, friend. That was all you.

Apparently this film has won multiple awards. I can only judge the trailer since I refuse to expose myself to anything more than the 5 viewings of said trailer it took me to write this post. Has anyone actually seen this? Is it as misogynistic as it looks? I cannot.

I hate to leave this on a sour note so I present you with Turin Brakes, ‘Emergency 72,’ a soulful, sober look at the emotional impact of of deciding whether or not to use the morning after pill.


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